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100 % Worry-free & Vegan formula Skin care & Hair care brand

We try to produce one of the safest cosmetics in the world

Aromatica is the first Korean brand to gain the stamp of approval from the EWG (Environmental Working Group). Each one of Aromatica’s products is plant based and verified by the Environmental Working Group — a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment that advocates for environmental health and non-toxic products.

Do you know that synthetic fragrance is more dangerous than parabens?

We started producing cosmetics in 2004 with the mission of allowing everyone to live without synthetic fragrances. Since then, we have been actively informing about the hazards of synthetic fragrance. Synthetic fragrances which are used in most personal care products are more harmful than the parabens. In other words, synthetic fragrance has more harmful components, which causes a respiratory problem and skin allergies (risk level 8 by EWG standard) than parabens (risk level 4-7 by EWG standard).

What is the reason for doing all manufacturing process?

Hydrosol formula instead of distilled water

Aromatica controls every manufacturing step, from raw material selection to R&D and finished product. The reason for this is not only to spot harmful ingredients but also to prevent harmful compounds from being mixed in the supply of raw materials, manufacture and production processes.


Hydrosol formula instead of distilled water.

The steam distillation method was first developed by Avicenna’ around the 10th century and it is still being used up to the present time. Essential oils and floral water (hydrosol) are extracted from flowers and herbs by using steam.

Aromatica directly imports essential oils extracted by using the steam distillation method, and it is extracting and producing floral water (hydrosol, distillates) itself through the steam distillation method.



Decoction is a method of extracting active substances by heating up herbs or medicinal plants at low heat for long hours.


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April 7, 2019